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We have been working towards making all of our pre designed logos instant downloads for a long time now so are very excited to release the new range! As all of  the new designs are instantly downloaded upon purchase it means you won't have to wait around for proof sheets to be sent and you can continue to update and make alterations as you please. The fonts and colour palette can easily be changed to suit your needs, so the designs can still be personalised. The new logo collection was designed with photographers, boutique owners, florists and those in the wedding industry in mind, so they are all very chic, elegant and feminine.

Below are a sample of some of the more floral, watercolour logo designs which are included in the new collection and you can see the full range here

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Our New Look Website

We are so happy to share our new look website design with you! This is something which we have been working on since the beginning of the year so feel very relieved that it is finally finished. Our aim is to keep our readers up to date with our design work, new products in the Miss Poppy shop as well as provide you with helpful articles which will all be published on the blog. We would love you to take a look around the site and let us know what you think.  Miss Poppy Design : New Look Website : Branding / Logo Design / Design Blog / Styling / Brand Board


Our new print collection is finally here! This collection features beautiful and motivating words and phrases in amazing handwriting inspired typography. We have also included some larger (12 x 14 inch) prints this time around. Below is a sample of some of the available designs. For more visit our shop site here. Miss Poppy Design:: Gold Foil Print Collection // Love / Heart / Handwritten / Styling

The images below were from our previous collection which are still available for purchase.

Miss Poppy Design:: Gold Foil Print Collection // Roses / Peonies / Monday Mantra / StylingMiss Poppy Design:: Gold Foil Print Collection // Inspiration / Motivation / Inspiration / Styling / Successful Women / Girl Boss / Dandy MoonMiss Poppy Design:: Gold Foil Print Collection // Classic Ladies / Dandy Moon / Handwritten / Styling / Peonies / Roses